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Wireless Project


Steering Committee

・ Devren Washington ・ Movement Alliance Project

・ Grant Wythoff ・ Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton

・ Mark Steckel ・ PhillyWisper

・ Alex Wermer-Colan ・ Scholars Studio, Temple University

・ Sascha Meinrath ・ Bellisario College of Communications (State College, PA)

・ Jennifer Oxenford ・ Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER)


・ Erica Atwood ・ Chief of Staff, Councilperson Jaimie Gauthier

・ Alex Brooke ・ Purdue University

・ Tithi Chattopadhyay ・ Princeton Center for IT Policy

・ Mike Dank ・ Philly Mesh

・ Will Dean ・ Temple University Libraries

・ Scott Enderle ・ Price Lab, University of Pennsylvania

・ Juliet Fink-Yates ・ Digital Inclusion Fellow, City of Philadelphia OIT

・ Tejas Gupta ・ Princeton University

・ Jeremy Keim-Shenk ・ Philly Tech Justice

・ Helyx Chase Scearce Horwitz ・ Movement Alliance Project

・ Jonathan Latko ・ Computer Recycling Center, Temple University

・ Jessa Lingel ・ Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

・ Alison Macrina ・ Library Freedom Institute

・ Rev. Michael A. Major ・ Called to Serve

・ Daniel Lodise ・ Legislative Director, Councilperson Isaiah Thomas

・ Revati Prasad ・ Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

・ Hannah Sassaman ・ Movement Alliance Project

・ Emily Yates ・ Smart City Director for the City of Philadelphia

Advisory Board

・ Adam Bouhmad ・ Project WAVES (Baltimore)

・ Greta Byrum ・ Community Tech NY (New York)

・ Andrew Coy ・ Digital Harbor Foundation (Baltimore)

・ Raul Enriquez ・ Community Tech NY (New York)

・ David L. Johnson ・ iNethi (Cape Town, South Africa)

・ Adam Longwill ・ Meta Mesh (Pittsburgh)

・ Ani Martinez ・ Remake Learning (Pittsburgh)

・ Franca Muller Paz ・ Baltimore Teachers Union (Baltimore)

・ Houman Saberi ・ Community Tech NY (New York)

= organizers

= technologists

= teachers

= City Hall

= researchers

Community Partners

Called to Serve


Village of the Arts and Humanities

Philly Tech Justice


Allied Orgs

Digital Harbor Foundation, Baltimore

Project WAVES, Baltimore

iNethi, Cape Town

KINBER, Harrsiburg

Community Tech NY, New York

MetaMesh, Pittsburgh

X-Lab, Washington, DC


Rapid Response Magic Project of the Princeton Humanities Council

RISE (Recognizing Inequalities and Standing for Equality), Pace Center for Civic Engagement